Bungalow or Maisonette? Focus on Olchani Country Homes – Nakuru

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I have never really thought much about bungalows until I set my eyes on Olchani – a lovely country home in Nakuru. There is something about this bungalow that is just breathtaking. On visiting their trip advisor page, I noticed that one guest had reviewed the place as ” Lovely SPRAWLING bungalow” and right there it hit me….you can never use the word sprawling for a maisonette. Maisonettes tend to be small and gain their square footage by going upwards. Typical of city homes.

Now Olchani does not seem to have the land constraints that city dwellers have and therefore the choice of a bungalow is just excellent. Notice too the choice to keep the exterior natural with very few sections painted. This I must say adds to the country charm of this home. The beauty with exposed stone is that it will weather all kinds of weather and will still look good after 20 years.

old rock gardenDriveway out with orange flowers at Olchani

Now, I am sure you have heard of something called “Curb Appeal.” Olchani sure has that. We did not expect to find such lovely landscaped gardens when we were approaching the country home. We kinda figured we would see lots of cows and chicken wandering about but this rock garden just did it for me. I love the colour and the texture variety of the plants and rocks used.

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The interiors did not disappoint either. Warm and welcoming colours in the living and tasteful modern tiles in the bathrooms. Not sure what you think but I would say that this home is giving many a Nairobi home some competition.

But this conversation was not so much about Olchani but about choosing between bungalows or maisonettes. After seeing this house, I am definitely a bunglaow girl!

Now off I go to look for some land in Nairobi to build me one of those……….sigh…..the prices I am seeing so far are not encouraging at all….300million for an acre in Kilimani, 40 million in Runda etc etc…oh well Olchani here I come for some country R&R. Looks like I cannot afford to build me a bungalow in Nairobi. Are your neighbours selling?

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