Rivers Edge Limuru – WOW! WOW! WOW!


Took the day off today to have lunch with a friend at the Village Market and after lunch we took a drive up Limuru Road. Boy oh boy, the construction and development past Runda towards Ruaka and further on towards Red Hill was just amazing. From million dollar homes in Runda to the over developed Ruaka to the serene Red Hill neighbourhood.

As we approached Red Hill, one development caught my attention

logo 20141002_142850INTERIORS RIVERS EDGE

I first encountered the Rivers Edge team at the Hass Consult stand at one of the home expos and it must have been in 2011 or something. What struck be about this development was the rather posh brochure. It was very well done and I kept asking myself, will they really pull that off in Limuru? Who will buy? Well, clearly there is a market for these homes as the development is well underway and looking good. 

I got a chance to enter the 4 bedroom all suite house and I must say the kitchen impressed me. Spacious and well finished. The American style design was a plus and the finishing is awesome. It helps that the property is split level so you can choose to either access the house from the kitchen or from the sunken lounge.

The house has lots of light as you can see from all the windows and the views from the balconies are stunning as they overlook lovely forests and beautiful landscapes.( I doubt that people will spend much time on the balconies seeing as Limuru is super cold but hey…..that’s just me). While the house is tastefully finished and definitely a winner compared to many other developments I have seen, the four storeys do not do it for me. I mean if you leave something in the living room and you are in the bedroom it would mean you have to walk 4 flights of stairs to get it!! Not nice….but if you are an optimist, you can see this as an opportunity to burn extra calories while going about your regular duties….wake up and go  see child number 2 on 2nd floor – 100 calories, prepare breakfast – 100 calories, go check on child 2 on 3rd floor – 150 calories, go back to your room to shower – 200 calories……see you can burn up to 500 calories before you even go to work!!!

Below are some of the pictures from my site visit….What do you think? Will the developer’s finished product match the lovely brochure concept? Let me have your views.

20141002_142446 20141002_142612 20141002_142625 20141002_142655 20141002_142726 20141002_142756 20141002_142811 20141002_142850 20141002_142859

The winners in this property are: The open truss ceiling – beautiful!!! 

More info on the interiors below. 


Common Areas

Walls: Masonry Walling with natural stone and paint finish.

Main Gate: Double gate with a pedestrian access

Drive Ways and Parking: Concrete paving blocks


Roof: Decra roofing on timber structure

Floor: Wood block to the main areas and ceramic tiling to wet areas

Windows: Metal casement with 4mm thick clear gazing

Doors: Various as per schedules (metal casement tempered glass, solid core flush door with laminated veneerand imported steel paneled security door).

Ceiling: Vaulted Open truss to master bedroom

Staircase: Treads in Mahogany Timber

Balustrades: Wrought iron with timber handrail
Kitchen: Cabinet fully fitted by specialist with granite tops

Kitchen Yard: cabro Paving

Water Supply: Common borehole supplying to individual water tanks.

For more information please visit http://www.riversedge.co.ke/

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