Suite Life on Dennis Pritt

suite life grey interiorsAt first glance this property is intriguing. The exterior has a lovely brick red colour and the grey perspex signage is classy. The guards at the gate are professional and are under strict instructions not to let random wanderers (like me) in.


When I finally got an appointment I was glad to note that everything was handled professionally which all served to build my expectations. On seeing the entire property though, I felt (and this is purely my opinion) that they had tried too hard to make the spaces neutral to suit all kinds of potential guests….the spaces were filled with grey, silver or white pieces which I thought felt cold. I visited the place when only a few apartments were ready for show and even then they didn’t bother to put flowers in the show house.


They didn’t allow me to take pics so these are from the website. The rate quoted to me was USD 4,500  a month…a little steep but I think over time when the project is settled and out of the construction phase…and they put in plants and flowers and paint some warm colours on the interior, this will be a gem.

Those who bought the apartments will definitely get a good return on their investment.

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