IKEA Please Come to Kenya

It’s been a while since my last post but I am pleased to announce that I am back and I have not been asleep…I have been doing what I do best – looking out for you 😉

IKEA logoLast week I had the chance to visit a ridiculously huge IKEA in Milton Keynes, UK and boy was that a good 3 hours spent. It is always a pleasure to visit IKEA – they are the only store in the world that can make living in a small house look cool. I mean who ever thought that 34sqm would house everything you need in  house??? Seriously, where was IKEA when I was single and living in an SQ? I am sure you are wondering what the hullabaloo is all about so don’t worry I took pictures for you.

So…welcome to our 35sqm home

35sqm intro

35 living

Imagine a world where you see ¾ of what you own at a glance…cool huh. Well it’s particularly cool if the stuff comes from IKEA  because they have special furniture that is functional for small spaces. Look at that dining table for two …I actually had to sit and pretend to have a meal to test if it was really practical. It was. The space was just enough.

Look at the couch, one is enough people. If you live in a small space please do not worry about seats for the guests (you will not have that many anyway).  If they come they can sit on the floor ! So please this old school thing of having a full sofa set and by full I mean a 3 seater, 2 seater and 1 seater and a coffee table with 4 stools. Seriously….if your house is small keep it clear – visit IKEA! (hey that sounds like a cool rhyme…keep it clear, visit ikea)

35 living tv bedside closet

Also, I like the choice of the size of TV. It’s small to suit the size of the house. I know some of our lakeside friends will disagree with me as they would prefer to have the latest 65 inch TV to show the world they got cash but hey,…unless you live in State House, steer clear of super size TVs. Bedroom and bathroom were tastefully done too although if this was my house and I had only one bathroom to work with (duh! 35sqm remember) I would put in a shower instead of a tub.

35 bath

The most charming section of this house though was the “balcony” space. Check this out..how can IKEA make such a tiny balcony space look cool?



 Other lovely finds in this IKEA store were this cool kiddy kitchen corner…please note that it is done to match the main kitchen furniture.

baby kitchenAnd a funky shoe rack….

shoe rack open shoe rack

And a lovely lovely kitchen…For some reason I always imagined natural stone made the best kitchen counters but after visiting IKEA I am open to having wooden counter tops…look how cool they look.wooden table topSo…in closing… if you live in a small space, keep it clear, visit IKEA.

IKEA please come to KENYA!!

4 thoughts on “IKEA Please Come to Kenya

  1. Yes I love IKEA. Most of all, that store reminds me that practical is the way to go especially with changing individual tastes, design styles and the different economic phases we all go through in our personal lives. While I love classic traditional styles, personally, I find it too heavy and rigid in form when used alone…ecletic is sort of where I find my contentment. Using IKEA items would sort of lift up a room’s energy. Added to the fact their items are are fun, playful and colorful. Of course, I can’t forget how affordable IKEA furniture is and how this obviously about a balance in the finances. IKEA and Kenya would make a good partnership!
    Wanjeri…I can picture you and I hanging out at the Market place for yes, two hours or three, lingering and taking it in and dumping our finds in our shopping carts!

    • Shiku, I so agree with you on the classic furniture debate….while we all should aim to have a few treasured pieces in our possession we should also be open to funky new options that tend to also be way more reasonable…and so far, IKEA does this best. See you in Kenya soon. First stop, #gardencitymall to visit the first IKEA in Kenya.


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