Decor Lessons from Mt. Meru Arusha

I just got back from a short trip across the border to Arusha, Tanzania and although I was only gone for two nights I was quite pleased to be back home. Arusha is an interesting place and the town is much bigger than I imagined. Mt. Meru hotel was a pleasant surprise and the interior decor was impressive. I was particularly jazzed by their wooden panels and sculptures in the public areas. But, coming home was an exciting experience for me.   So on to my title My Dream Home……Why did I choose this title? Well, if you know me you will know that I do like to travel and I use every opportunity to interact with a new culture to as a chance to get an idea or two for the dream home I am yet to build.  This past weekend I was inspired by:

  • Wooden panels at Mt. Meru Hotel – Beautifully carved wooden panels can used to separate spaces without making a space feel too enclosed


Mt meru reception

Fountains and the sound of water:  Fountains can form fantastic features and there is nothing like the sound of water to calm a wounded spirit. (too bad I am unable to find a nice picture of the fountains I saw… I should have carried my camera)

Having mentioned my two cents learned from Arusha, my dream home will definitely incorporate an indoor heated pool. What do you think of the two featured below from   23 Exquisite Indoor Swimming Pool Inspirations (9)   or   23 Exquisite Indoor Swimming Pool Inspirations (7)

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