Bo Concept’s Chic Store Now in Kenya

Bo Concept Red StampToday I stumbled across a rather interesting store – Bo Concept! They are located at ABC Place and apparently they have been in Kenya since February! What struck me most about this store with Danish roots is the clean lines they have on all their furniture. The furniture is as unique as it is stylish.

What was even more amazing about this store was the level of customer service. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very willing to help. They pride themselves in designing custom made furniture to suit your space and style. Now, I have not met anyone who has purchased anything from there yet so I cannot vouch for their products yet but if what I saw in the store is anything to go by, this is a sure winner for Nairobi.

Right after I finish this post I will browse their website and from the look of things I might be on the site for hours as they have this cool “design in 3D” section. When I am ready to go to bed, I will flip through their very cool magazine that you get free of charge in the store – now for a magazine junky like me what more would I ask for.

The bed below is an example of what you can expect – chic, clean and crisp!

Bo Concept Bedroom Inspiration

PS: They chose Nairobi to open their first store in Sub-Saharan Africa – how about that!! Told you Nairobi rocks.

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